Phân biệt “Person, Persons, People, Peoples”

Persons : một dạng số nhiều khác của person, có nghĩa trang trọng và thường được dùng trong văn bản luật, văn bản trịnh trọng, biển báo.
People :
+ Nghĩa thường gặp là số nhiều của person
+ Còn nghĩa thứ 2 là dân tộc
Peoples : số nhiều của people khi mang ý nghĩa dân tộc

– The police keeps a list of missing persons.
– They are persons who are escaping the punishment.
– The English-speaking peoples share a common language.
– The ancient Egyptians were a fascinating people.

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Person, persons or people?

We use person in the singular to refer to any human being:

Joel is such a nice person.

She’s a person I have a lot of respect for.

Persons (plural) is a very formal word. We only use it in rather legalistic contexts:

[notice in a lift]

Any person or persons found in possession of illegal substances will be prosecuted.

To refer to groups of human beings or humans in general, we use people:

I saw three people standing on the corner.

Not: I saw three persons

Jim and Wendy are such nice people.

People are generally very selfish.

Three people were interviewed for the job, but only one person had the right qualifications and experience.

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