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English for Computing: Enhancing Language Skills for the Digital World

Giáo trình tiếng Anh chuyên ngành tin học - English for computing

Author: Nguyen Thi Van

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English for Computing is a comprehensive course book designed for students enrolled in computing application programs. This book focuses on developing the four essential language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, while also improving pronunciation and expanding vocabulary. Special emphasis is placed on reading comprehension. The main objective of the course is to provide students with grammatical knowledge, technical terminology, and computing-related vocabulary, enabling them to effectively use English in professional settings and practical job applications.

Course Duration:
The course consists of 180 classes conducted over the final two semesters of college. It includes 75 theoretical classes, 95 practical classes, and 10 assessments throughout the entire course.

Course Content:
The book is divided into 15 core units and 3 review units. Each main unit focuses on a specific topic related to professional situations and follows a consistent teaching sequence.

  1. Structure of a Main Unit:
  • Presentation: This section includes thought-provoking questions to provide valuable information related to the topic and enhance vocabulary and speaking skills.
  • Language Study: Each unit introduces new grammar concepts followed by practice activities. Various speaking exercises and grammatical drills, such as pair work, group work, and role-play, provide ample opportunities for students to practice newly acquired language skills.
  • Vocabulary: This section develops students’ vocabulary through engaging tasks, such as word mapping and collocation exercises. Written or oral practice usually follows vocabulary activities to help students understand how to effectively use new vocabulary in context.
  • Listening: Listening activities develop a range of skills, including understanding the main idea, gathering specific details, and inferring meaning from context. Charts or graphics are often provided to support students during these task-based exercises.
  • Speaking: This section teaches students how to present and discuss various issues. Speaking tasks incorporate new structures and vocabulary while focusing on the unit’s topic.
  • Reading: Reading activities consist of a text and an introduction to different types of computers and their components. These readings enhance various reading skills such as detailed reading, skimming, scanning, and making inferences. Pre-reading and post-reading questions may also be included to stimulate discussions related to the reading topic.
  • Writing: Writing exercises involve practical tasks that reinforce the unit’s teaching points and help develop students’ writing skills.
  1. Review Units:
    The review units serve to consolidate students’ knowledge gained from the previous four units through a variety of practical exercises.
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Keys, wordlists, and appendices are provided at the back of the book as references for both teachers and students.

Study Method:
English for Computing teaches students how to effectively use English in popular professional situations. The course book provides students with useful language resources. Additionally, students are encouraged to personalize the language they learn, draw from their own language skills and experiences, and express their ideas and opinions. To maximize learning effectiveness, students should be diligent, actively engage in reading additional references, and focus on memorizing vocabulary. Practicing outside the classroom is also an excellent learning method.

By utilizing “English for Computing” by Nguyen Thi Van, students will enhance their language skills for the digital world. This course book equips them with the necessary English proficiency to succeed in the field of computing and apply their knowledge to practical job scenarios.

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