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Các mẫu thư Tiếng Anh

Đây là danh sách các mẫu thư Tiếng Anh hay được sử dụng. Các bạn tham khảo để có thể tự viết được những bức thư Tiếng Anh hay nhé !


Reply to a friend on his interest in the English

Letter of thanks to a teacher

To a station master informing him about the loss of one of your bags during a journey by train

To a friend describing a book fair

Reply to a friend who has written to say how he was saved by a policeman
To the principle of a Commercial College asking about the course you are interested in
Reply to a friend who has asked you to join in his factory where the pay is more
To a friend telling him about your new house
To a friend telling him about the trouble you had with police recently
To a friend thanking him for lending some money
To a friend who has not repaid a loan of money
To a neighbor requesting him to keep his dog from barking and disturbing
Thanking someone for recommendation
To a lady expressing your appreciation for her hospitability
To a doctor thanking him for someone's recovery from a serious illness
An invitation to a friend
To a friend inviting her to attend a wedding
Declining an invitation to a wedding
Informing a mother about someone's success
From a son to a mother who has sent a gift to celebrate his success in the exam
To a business asking about a job
Reply to an advertisement for a Junior Clerk
To the editor of a newspaper about the dirty roads in your locality
For the post of Assistant Secretary in a commercial firm
For the post of salesman in a large firm
To apply for the programmer position
To apply for a sales representative position
To apply for the marketing research position

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